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Nyan Caxx Nyan Caxx

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Weren't no octopus...


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Kids These Days Kids These Days

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I will admit...

When I first saw the mouse logo... my first thought was "Deamau5?"


Mech.Sonic Vs Mech Shadow Mech.Sonic Vs Mech Shadow

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Just passing through...

And I'm not impressed. Having watched a few of your animations, it strikes me that your plots are unoriginal adaptations of the plots set forth in the respective anime series from which you took your sprites. Please consider this when writing your next flash animation.

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Epic Defender Epic Defender

Rated 5 / 5 stars


547 kills.... 43035 in score...


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Tower of Heaven Tower of Heaven

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved it enough to make one!

Here's my level, for any who dare try...
2064100101090301000000000000000000002 4010003020003030003040003050003060003 0700030800030900030a00031e00041f00230 001240a01031e01041f01230002240a02030c 021e1e02041f02230003240b03030c03030d0 3031903131e03041f032300042401040a0304 0a05040a07040a0c04030d040318040419040 41a04041b04041e04041f042300052402050a 04050a06050a08050a0d05031805041905041 a05041b05041e05041f05230006240906030e 06031806041906041a06041b06041c060a1d0 60a1e06041f06230007240907030a07030f07 031007091807041907041a07041b07041f072 30008240208100908030a08030b0803100803 1808041908041a08041b08041f08230009240 909030a09030b09030c090311090318090419 09041a09041b09041f0923000a24010a0a030 a0a050a0a070a0a090a030a0a030b0a030c0a 030d0a03180a04190a041a0a041b0a041e0a0 41f0a23000b24020b0a040b0a060b0a080b0a 090b030a0b030b0b030c0b030d0b030e0b030 f0b091a0b041b0b041c0b0a1d0b0a1e0b041f 0b23000c24090c030a0c030b0c030c0c030d0 c030e0c030f0c03170c101e0c1c1f0c23000d 24060d10090d030a0d030b0d030c0d030d0d0 30e0d030f0d03100d031f0d23000e24090e03 0a0e030b0e030c0e030d0e030e0e030f0e031 00e03110e031f0e23000f24080f18090f030a 0f030b0f030c0f030d0f030e0f030f0f03100 f03110f03120f031f0f230010240910030a10 030b10030c10030d10030e10030f100311101 419101b1c100a1d100a1e10121f1023001124 0911031911251a11211b11211c11211d11211 e11211f11230012240112170912031912271a 12221b12221c12221d12221e12221f1223001 3240413100913031f13230014240914031714 031f14230015240815180915031f152300162 40916031f16230017240917030a17110b1711 0c17110d17110e17110f17111017111117111 2171113171114171115171116171117171118 17111917111a17111b17111c17111d17111e1 7111f17230018240118170918030a18030b18 030c18030d18030e18030f180310180311180 3121803131803141803151803161803171803 1818031918031a18031b18031c18031d18031 e18031f18230019240919031f1923001a2409 1a031f1a23001b24081b18091b031f1b23001 c24041c10091c031f1c23001d24091d031f1d 23001e24011e17091e031f1e23001f24091f0 31f1f230020240920031f2023002124082118 0921031f21230022240922031f22230023240 923031f23230024240124170424100924031f 24230025240925031f2523002624072611082 6110926031f26230027240127030627030727 030827030927031f27230028241f282300292 40429141f2923002a24052a03062a03122a10 1f2a23002b24012b051f2b23002c241f2c230 02d24032d031f2d23002e241b2e101f2e2300 2f24012f05082f101f2f230030241f3023003 1240331031231031f31230032241f32230033 240133030633100f33101633031c330f1f332 30034240134030234030334030d34031f3423 0035240135030235030335030435031935111 a35111b35121c35111d35111e35121f352300 3624013603023603033603043603053603123 6091836031936031a36031b36031c36031d36 031e36031f362300372401370302370303370 30437030537030637031237031837031a370e 1d370d1f37230038240138030238030338030 438030538030638030838030d381012380317 38031f38230039241239031f3923003a24123 a03133a09143a09153a091f3a23003b24123b 03133b03143b03153b03163b03173b03183b0 3193b031a3b031b3b031c3b031f3b23003c24 1f3c23003d24063d100d3d030e3d030f3d031 f3d23003e240d3e030f3e031c3e0f1f3e2300 3f240d3f030e3f1d0f3f03173f101f3f23004 0240a40030b40030c40030d40030f40031040 031140031d40101f40230041240a41030c411 c10411c1141031f41270042240a4203114203 1e42150043240a43031143031543031e431f1 f43030044240a44031144031a440f00452409 450f0a45031145031845101c45030046240a4 6031146030047240a47030c47031147030048 240a48031148031d48030049240a490311490 31549031a490f1e491f1f4903004a240a4a03 114a03004b240a4b030d4b030f4b03104b031 14b031c4b03004c24114c0f004d24154d0316 4d201f4d03004e241d4e03004f24005024175 00f00512408510f1a51131e51031f51030052 2410520300532401530f0c530f00542401541 1025411035411045411055411065411075411 0854110954110a54110b54110c54110d54110 f541110541211541112541113540314541215 54111654111754111854111954031a54111d5 4030055240155030255030355030455030555 030655030755030855030955030a55030b550 30c55030d55030f5503105503115503125503 1355031455031555031655031755031855031 955031a55030056240156081d56041e56041f 56040057241c57031f57040058241f5804005 9240559040959040d59041159041559041959 041f5904005a24025a03035a03045a03055a0 3065a03075a03085a03095a030a5a030b5a03 0c5a030d5a030f5a03105a03115a03125a031 35a03145a03155a03165a03175a03185a0319 5a031a5a031b5a031c5a031d5a031f5a03005 b241f5b08005c24005d24005e24015e0a045e 030b5e13105e141b5e031c5e0a1d5e0a1e5e0 a1f5e0a005f24015f0a1c5

Prison Escape Prison Escape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Made it to level 16 and proud of it!

Dude! Your puzzles rock- I haven't been challenged that much since that IQ test I took.

I know it's cliche to ask for the solution to a problem in the review, but I can't figure out the logic puzzle in the room of lvl 16. The generator part was simple enough, but those symbols! Jeezus... Thanks for giving me a challenge! ^_^


freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... check you inbox if you want the solution... : - P

Recent Audio Reviews

~NK~ "Evil" ~NK~ "Evil"

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sounds amazing dude.

If you're getting scratchy noises and the like out of your FL Studio, then that means you aren't using the ASIO4ALL driver that came with it. Trust me, it drastically improves your performance. There are tons of tutorials online on how to install it- do that, and you'll rid yourself of 99% if not more of those scratches.

As a DJ, let me point out one small yet important thing: from a mixing standpoint, you're clipping out a whole bunch whenever the kick drum kicks in. It doesn't mess with the tone at all, which makes it fine for an online submission. After demoing this on my PA system, though, I find that the volume actually drops by half when you're using the kick. Maybe a compressor's overdone? I'd check your master and kick channels on the mixer.

Otherwise, great submission, and I wish you luck!

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Undeniable 2.0 Undeniable 2.0

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Clashing sounds all around... dunno if that was the point or not, but to me it just did not sound good at all. Sorry if this offends, I'm merely putting in my two cents.

Dissonance is excellent as a tool for distinguishing tones... temporarily. For a whole piece to be dissonant it either has to be really really really really artsy, thereby making the dissonance the point of the piece, or it has to be heard by very different people.


{Runaway} {Runaway}

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ummm... what to say.

Here goes nothing...

I'll start off by saying that I just plain don't understand happy hardcore. The two words don't go together in my understanding of the English language. There, I said it.

Good Stuff:
You had piano in the song. I like piano.
Your EQ and FX were done well for the majority of your instruments. Also, I noticed that nothing seemed to be overdriving at all, or blocking out other instruments. Kudos!
You've made it to 2,293 reviews as of this review! Even more Kudos!

Bad stuff... (you knew it was coming)
Again, this is something happy hardcore and I have out for each other... but I found your melody to be just a tad on the obnoxious side. Repetitious, static, and pretty much lacking in any form of progression. The synth you chose for it contributed to the obnoxious feel of it all... Again, just something I felt.

Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in... I hope you continue on in your musical endeavors, whatever they happen to be going forward.