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*GASP* I'm alive again!

2007-10-15 08:30:30 by Kilkila

Hello folks! While I expect that no one is actually reading this- I'm proud to announce my rebirth on the NG AP! I've got a killer remix in the works of Ron Van De Buenken's "Sunset" which will propel me forward to new heights of awesomeness- or so I hope.

It's great getting back to NG. Reality's been a killer lately, and frankly, I'm sick and tired of working 127 hours in a pay period. I'm looking forward to writing more music as an outlet- and I hope you enjoy the resulting creations.

If any of you are aware of my side project, Ascension, that unfortunately has broken up due to a disagreement over an upcoming title. I'll say nothing to bad-mouth tF-ownedyou. He was a great co-writer on Nova, and would have been on Virus had we actually gotten it done. But our interests went in separate ways over a new title, G-Force. I've since scrapped G-Force for the time being, so it may or may not appear on NG. It needs some serious work before I'm really ready to release it.

Stay tuned!

*ALSO!* Death to Ann Coulter for her anti-semitic remarks! I may not be Jewish, but even I disagree with what she said!!!


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2007-11-18 11:58:38

i thought you said toons not tunes! I'll check out your stuff though! Check out mine too!


2008-11-16 16:04:32

Yes, those are sound effects websites, correct, but if I actually got the sounds using those sites, I would have recommended them.
The fact is, I Googled "Zerg sound pack" and got exactly what I needed.

Hurr Hurr, first result in Google search.


2009-03-27 21:00:41

GASP! Math equation:

"You" is equal to "fail"